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Futaba- Great Multiplayer Game

FutabaOne of my favorite apps available for the iPad is Futaba. It’s got a funny names, but is the fist one that I recommend when asked about educational apps. Futaba is a multi-player game which means you can have up to four students on one iPad, which inevitably means more students engaged with less iPads available for use.

Futaba has four sides for four students to be each on a side. The middle green circle spins around with the question and the answers show up on each side for the student to press… they get one chance so they have to make it worth while. It is a race against other players. When answered correctly, the orange circles light up and shows the answers to the other students.

FutabaScreen2One of the best things about Futaba is the fact that there is a Manage Games section where you can add questions to your own sets or use pre-defined sets. There are many pre-defined sets in any ranges from Pre-School appropriate questions all the way up to Middle School. Also, the ranges of question themes is vast- from simple letters and numbers to Social Studies, to Math, to Music, and more.

If you have one app to buy, I would strongly consider this one.

Futaba is a paid App. It currently costs $6.99 which is kindof expensive for apps, but as you can see, it is very worth it.  The link to Futaba is HERE. If you don’t want to jump into a paid app yet, you can start with Futaba Word Games which is free on iTunes. You can download it HERE


Educational APP-titude

In our changing world, technology is hard to keep up with. Mobile devices are becoming more and more prevalent and the apps that go with these wonderful devices are even more difficult to keep up with. The iOS App Store has recently topped over 1,000,000 apps available for download. How can someone keep up with all of these apps? Well, the best thing to do is ask for recommendations. There are countless websites and blog posts about up-and-coming apps from any and all categories.

With the use of iOS devices within our schools, Terrebonne has decided to review an app or two a week for those families that would like to see what kinds of apps and learning is happening in our school.