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NOVA Elements

A great iPad app in the field of science is NOVA Elements.


NOVA Elements is a great app that lets you explore all of the natural elements known. It starts with the Periodic Table of the Elements and when an element is clicked on it gives details of the element and shows pictures and other great information.  


You can download NOVA Elements for free from iTunes.

The Opposites App Review

Opposites   This weeks Educational APPtitute review is of The Opposites.

The Opposites is a very simple app that helps with learning Antonyms. It starts easy with words that you click on that are opposites such as “good” and “bad”



The Opposites is great for learning new words and comparing those words with their antonyms.

The Opposites, it seems, would work the best for grades 3-5.

There is a game part to the Opposites, as well as a learning part where you can see dictionary definitions of the words used. This app really helps with not only learning opposites/antonyms, but also helps with learning new words and how to use them appropriately.

You can find The Opposites here for FREE!

Stack the States: A great Social Studies APP

This weeks Educational APPtitude review is on Stack the States.StackStates

Stack the States is a great Social Studies APP. In these times in the educational culture, some subjects are drilled in. Subjects such as Math and Reading are taught in length, which is good, but some subjects are getting little to no attention; Subjects such as History and Geography and Art.

State2This is where Stack the States comes in. Stack the states has a fun way of quizzing the user on their state knowledge. This wonderful app asks many different types of questions from recognizing what the state shape is, to what states surround it, to the capital city, and other great questions that are a asked in a fun, interactive way.







Stack the States is $0.99 on the   


APP store and worth EVERY Penny. Go HERE for the link.  A partner APP that is very similar and from the same creator is Stack the Countries.

Futaba- Great Multiplayer Game

FutabaOne of my favorite apps available for the iPad is Futaba. It’s got a funny names, but is the fist one that I recommend when asked about educational apps. Futaba is a multi-player game which means you can have up to four students on one iPad, which inevitably means more students engaged with less iPads available for use.

Futaba has four sides for four students to be each on a side. The middle green circle spins around with the question and the answers show up on each side for the student to press… they get one chance so they have to make it worth while. It is a race against other players. When answered correctly, the orange circles light up and shows the answers to the other students.

FutabaScreen2One of the best things about Futaba is the fact that there is a Manage Games section where you can add questions to your own sets or use pre-defined sets. There are many pre-defined sets in any ranges from Pre-School appropriate questions all the way up to Middle School. Also, the ranges of question themes is vast- from simple letters and numbers to Social Studies, to Math, to Music, and more.

If you have one app to buy, I would strongly consider this one.

Futaba is a paid App. It currently costs $6.99 which is kindof expensive for apps, but as you can see, it is very worth it.  The link to Futaba is HERE. If you don’t want to jump into a paid app yet, you can start with Futaba Word Games which is free on iTunes. You can download it HERE