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Terrebonne Cougar Action News- TCAN

Terrebonne has a new media to share- Terrebonne Cougar Action News or TCAN. TCAN is produced by Mrs. Albers’ 5th Grade class. This is the first ever newscast from Terrebonne and we hope to have more…

Middle School Caldera Arts Projects

Terrebonne Action News

Terrebonne Middle School had the opportunity to work with an Artist in Residence from Caldera Arts recently and they collaborated to make some Public Service Announcements for Terrebonne School. These are simple (under a minute) videos…

2nd Grade Powerpoints

Our Second Grade Students have been working hard on Animal Speeches. They have done their research and have created a Powerpoint slideshow and would love to share with their parents as well…Here is a link to…

NOVA Elements

A great iPad app in the field of science is NOVA Elements. NOVA Elements is a great app that lets you explore all of the natural elements known. It starts with the Periodic Table of the…

The Opposites App Review

  This weeks Educational APPtitute review is of The Opposites. The Opposites is a very simple app that helps with learning Antonyms. It starts easy with words that you click on that are opposites such as “good”…

APP Review Blog

Classroom App ideas

Terrebonne has a new feature to our website. We are starting a blog posting page on our website that is focused on Educational Apps. There are over 1,000,000 apps on the iTunes App Store. How do…

Educational APP-titude

In our changing world, technology is hard to keep up with. Mobile devices are becoming more and more prevalent and the apps that go with these wonderful devices are even more difficult to keep up with….