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2017-2018 RSD Transportation Information

When is bussing provided for my children?
School Board policy EEAB states in part “Elementary students may be expected to walk up to one mile and secondary students may be expected to walk up to one and one half miles to a bus stop (upon and along roads maintained by city, county, state or federal jurisdictions, or upon pedestrian walkways). Unless required by federal or state law or administrative rules bus routes shall traverse only on those paved roads that are regularly maintained by city, county, state or federal jurisdiction at the school districts discretion.”
The Transportation Department walks these areas to determine which addresses are within these areas from property line to property line.

If there is not a bus stop in my area in reference to the above policy what do I do?
Please complete and return a bus stop request form. This can be found in our forms folder.

My child attends Redmond Proficiency Academy, is bussing provided?
Your child may use the closest existing bus stop that is in place for a Redmond School District student. Additional bus stops are not created.

Our family has moved. How does my child get on the bus?
Change your address with your child’s attending school. The school staff will look up your new bus information and issue your child a bus pass so they are allowed to ride the bus.

How can a stop be changed or added to a bus route?
All change requests must be submitted to the Transportation Department for review. You will be notified if your request has been approved or denied by the Transportation Supervisor or designee. Once approved, stop changes may take up to FIVE (5) days to be completed. Changes affect all students riding the route, and all parents/guardians must be notified of any change to their student’s stop. Please do not ask drivers to make “special” stops for your student. This practice is strictly forbidden by the Oregon Department of Education. Due to the hectic nature of start-up, route change requests may take longer at the beginning of the school year.

Can a student ride to a different stop or on a different route?
(see guidelines in Transportation Handbook)

Students may ride a different bus or to a different stop if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  1. A written request from the parent is submitted to the transportation department 5 working days in advance.
  2. The pick-up/drop-off point is located along a regularly scheduled route and there is seating space on the bus.
  3. No extra stop is required.
  4. The student is an eligible Redmond School District student. (See Transportation Handbook for eligibility rules.)
  5. Notes to the driver from student/parent will not be accepted – the pass must come from the Transportation Office.

May my student be transported to/from a day care instead of home?
Your student may be transported to/from a day care. This would be their designated stop every day. (See Temporary Rider Permits).

Can a parent take their student off the bus along the route?
Federal and State Transportation regulations only permit the students to depart the bus at their designated stop or at school.  Only a district staff member may remove a student from the bus at school.  This is for the safety and security of all students.

If my student has not arrived at the normal drop off time who do I call?
Afterschool route times are estimates and may vary depending on many factors. Call the Transportation dispatcher at 541-923-4891, they can radio the driver to confirm any delays and provide an estimated arrival time.

Why can’t the driver add a stop?
We take many things into consideration when constructing bus routes. Of those, student safety is the most important. Consistency is also important. Stops are created by using established criteria which insures that all students in the district receive similar service. All changes must go through Transportation so that information in our computers accurately reflects how the routes are driven. In the case of an emergency, we rely on computer information to determine the location and students on the route.

Why aren’t buses always available for field trips?
The district’s first priority is to provide transportation to and from school. The school bus fleet does not contain a separate set of buses designated for field trip use. Therefore, whenever school buses are not in use for normal to and from school transportation, they are available for field trip use. For planning purposes, a bus availability calendar is available on the district website. Occasionally in the spring, the demand for field trips can outnumber the drivers and buses available. Transportation staff and requesters of field trips discuss individual circumstances.

Buses have more than one number on them. Which one do I pay attention to?
The RT# is displayed on a black and white placard mounted to the left of the bus door. The RT# is the only number students need to pay attention to.

Can my child bring balloons on the bus?
Balloons are not allowed on the bus.  Students may be allergic to latex.  There is also the possibility that the student lets go of the balloons and they become a safety hazard for the driver.

What do I do if my child misses the bus?
The parent becomes responsible for transporting their child to school.

Can my child bring their large instrument on the bus?
Please see school board policy regarding student transportation. For exceptions to instrument policy, download the instrument transportation form.

Can my child bring their skateboard/scooter or large project/item on the bus?
Please see school board policy regarding student transportation.


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