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Stack the States: A great Social Studies APP

This weeks Educational APPtitude review is on Stack the States.StackStates

Stack the States is a great Social Studies APP. In these times in the educational culture, some subjects are drilled in. Subjects such as Math and Reading are taught in length, which is good, but some subjects are getting little to no attention; Subjects such as History and Geography and Art.

State2This is where Stack the States comes in. Stack the states has a fun way of quizzing the user on their state knowledge. This wonderful app asks many different types of questions from recognizing what the state shape is, to what states surround it, to the capital city, and other great questions that are a asked in a fun, interactive way.







Stack the States is $0.99 on the   


APP store and worth EVERY Penny. Go HERE for the link.  A partner APP that is very similar and from the same creator is Stack the Countries.

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